February 21, 2009


Just found this little jewel and it’s way too fun to put down. Mastermind is a great little flash strategy game that puts you as an evil overlord who builds up a criminal empire complete with your very own minions to do your bidding. It’s a lot of fun and has some campy humor to go along with the solid game. Not too terribly complicated, Mastermind is a take on the Dungeon Keeper type of strategy game that makes you the evil doer. Evil Genius was a less successful version of the game that came out a while back. Good concept but didn’t really follow through in the game. I’d write a little more but I’d rather go play some more. Enjoy!


Cards By Jenna said...

What do you feed your minions?

Orbital said...

If you browse through the minion recruiting handbook "So you want to be a Minion" it provides a map where you can find the food court on the mezzanine level of the evil fortress. We offer a surprisingly evil selection of food including Mc Donald's, Burger King, and Sbarro.