Death Magnetic

September 12, 2008

The first album release from Metallica in 6 years, Death Magnetic is the band's 9th album and thankfully brings back the sounds that one comes to expect from Metallica.

When listening the tracks to this album, the first thing most older Metallica fans will notice is how similar it feels to "And Justice For All..." and could have been an album released before the "Black" album. Out of the 10 tracks, only one clocks in at under 6 minutes long. Each song also features a fierce solo by Hammet who sounds very much like the crazy lead-guitarist found on "Kill 'em All", "Ride the Lightning", and "Master of Puppets". There is even an instrumental only track (Suicide and Redemption) on their latest offering, which I haven't seen on a Metallica album since Justice.

Like most Metallica fans, I have been very reluctant to purchase anything that has come from the band in the last 10+ years. They just had a very completely different sound that wasn't the Metallica that I knew, I'm glad to say that Magnetic really brings back what I consider the Metallica sound. Multiple intro-riffs to each song, hard and fast pounding riffs that build and change through out the long songs, hinting at what is to come later. Amazing solo's that would make your fingers bleed if you try to play them as fast as Hammet.

Also new for the first time, this full album is available for Guitar Hero III at the same time it has been released for regular purchase. The band's position on the digital medium for music seems to have done a 180 this year and finally embraced the Internet as a way to get their music to the fans instead of worrying about music being stolen. They even have their own YouTube channel.

Overall this is a fantastic album and a must have for any Metallica fan. The band will soon be starting their North America tour soon. Here is where you can find the tour dates.

Check out The Day That Never Comes, similar to One in many respects.


Cards By Jenna said...

I <3 Metallica and you!

I think I need to buy you a shirt and make you a Metallica cake!

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