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August 20, 2008

I guess it was inevitable that I would start a blog at some point in my lifetime. So now I have my own little personal place on the Internet to rant, rave, and bitch about whatever. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to be putting in this space but it will probably cover the majority of things I do in my free time which at the moment include playing video games, learning the guitar, and other forms of geeky entertainment. With that said, let's get started!

I finally broke down and decided to pre-order Too Human for the Xbox 360 this week. It turns out I should have given in sooner as my pre-order on Sunday the 17th was too late to get a copy from ebgames. They sold through all their pre-orders and my game is now on backorder. To be honest, this game wasn't "must have release day" for me, I have been interested in it since early in the year when it started getting a lot of hype and first-looks and was going to be released finally after a very long time in the development cycle. The story and setting using a re-telling of Norse mythology is a great idea and thankfully something new to the action/rpg genre. I've played through the recently released demo several times and really got a good feel for the game. I had only a few concerns about the controls but assumed that with some practice I would be a fierce Baldur soon enough. The only other issue from the demo was that the cut scene graphics seemed to be out done by the rest of the game. That isn't to say they are bad, just that for whatever reason the cut scenes don't seem to have the same level of polish that the rest of the game environments posses. Since time to get the special pre-order armor sets was dwindling and I knew I'd end up owning the game sooner or later, I figured I may as well get the pre-order bonus armor sets with the purchase. I'm not sure how much of a "bonus" that really is as you will probably out level the armor pretty quickly but it should at least help in the early few levels of game play. Too Human should sport nearly endless re-playability with the massive amount of obtainable loot and specialization you can do with your character so it's probably well worth the $60 price tag and easily will keep me entertained until The Force Unleashed is released next month.

Here are some pics of the special Too Human bonus armor sets that were available with pre-orders.

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8/21/2008 Update:
Looks like my copy of the game got shipped in the 2nd round of pre-orders after all and I should be receiving it on Friday. I'll provide a more in-depth post on my thoughts on the game when I have had a chance to play through more of it.